International “Break” is over, and we report on a weekend which saw England win two of their three matches, those being the actual official test matches, and a defeat to a bunch of men with a purpose.

We’ve got plenty of praise to hand out, not least to a Wales side led by captain Shaunni Davies who lead by example, against England in their first ever Test, while we both saw our first live Wheelchair RL match, marvelling at the skills and brutality of the hits we were promised, and over delivered on.

Phil had an afternoon listening to Ken Davy, from which he came away with very little to tell us, while we were entertained by Shane Richardson’s plans for independence last week and spoke about those too.

Plus, all domestic action, which we saw and what we’ve only read about, your questions and comments and six, yes SIX, Terry O’Connor’s. (Though that is more visual than anything else.)

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