We’re back NOT LIVE, thanks to Leeds playing Warrington on Monday night, for one week only to look back on the week in Rugby League.


Much of that is off the field, with games not being played, coaches leaving, consultants arriving, and many of your questions answered.


Danny Ward leaves London, and where is the sport in the capital city, while defeat to Coventry could have been the last straw for Gary Thornton, who departs from Hunslet while Brian McDermott is back in the sport at Oldham, second bottom of the Championship. Nothing is predictable.


With postponements in our sport, and elsewhere, we ask what would happen if the fate of the England men’s cricket team happened on one of the finalists in the Challenge Cup or 1895 matches with Wembley fast approaching as well.


Plus, action from on the field, the retirement of Greg Inglis, and much, much more…

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