It’s International Week! And what an utter mess we’re in. Some on our own making, some, Covid related. Rugby League, innit?


We discuss the whys and wherefores and such of the squads announced, and yet to be, as there’s a triple header of action to look forward to.


An unpredictable week of results in Super League saw Saints unable to score a try at home, Hull KR dominate Wigan at the Piedome, and Salford edge out Huddersfield in a case of mistaken identity with Ian Watson looking for Perry Mason’s phone number.


You made plenty of good points in the comments throughout, which is good.


Plus, as a bonus, before the show we caught up with the Head Coach of England’s Wheelchair RL team Tom Coyd, as they prepare to meet Wales on Saturday, and talk about their preparations ahead of the World Cup this autumn, and their new chairs.  


(If anyone fancies a game of Mobility Scooter RL, please get in touch.)


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