Another weekend of some Rugby League to talk about, and we’re building up to a representative weekend too, so former England international and star of BBC 2 Danika Priim joins us again in the studio to give us her knowledge on everything we know nothing about.

We talk about the late postponement of her game on Sunday, which left just one game standing in the Women’s Super League, and how that will affect preparations for those hoping to represent England against Wales in a fortnights time.

There’s other issues in the women’s game to talk about, plus plenty with the men too as England and the Combined Nations meet while Super League games will also take place, so how will that change selections for both teams? We discuss that and more on the rep scene after the Origin blowout in Australia.

Speaking of the NRL, there’s Boyd Cordner’s retirement at 29 to discuss, and his career for club and country, and much more besides…a fun two hours!

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