We used to be someone you know. A show on national radio, we had influence, and respect. Now we have people criticising our set (which we love) and we’ve dropped to 400th in the Luxembourg podcast charts. We can’t even name four other podcasts (the BBC one, Whippets and Flatcaps, erm….) let alone four hundred!

Still, we’re bored of Leeds in Crisis, honestly, so we’re wondering what’s happening with Shaun Edwards now, shock of all shocks, Wasps and England and other people who have an extra two blokes on the pitch, might want him rather than Wigan. We ask, was he ever coming anyway?

Some games have been played, though not while Daryl Powell wandered across the hallowed turf of Cas, Wigan won, as did Hull FC and Huddersfield, and plenty of teams did not.

There’s fake Canadians, Ottawa, New York and the wonders of obstruction, plus predictions, and why that nature bloke off the telly should present the Challenge Cup this year. Seriously.

Oh, and Schoey’s been in Nigel’s box again.

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