To be honest, we didn’t think we’d be here this week.


As soon as David Furner asked Matt Shaw who had been saying Leeds were in crisis, we thought he’d point us out and that’d be it. Thankfully, Matt is a gentlemen and he said it was “people online” so we got away with it…until Mark asked the Rhinos boss if he was rattled. Nice opinion.

Leeds are in crisis though, you lot told us so, but at least they know who their full time coach is. Wigan do not, or maybe they do, depending on what’s happening with Shaun Edwards. Do you have his number?

All that, plus other stuff from the world of Rugby League, including Hemel and New York and statements and Schoey being quiet for a bit.

John Davidson, accused of hating Cas for some reason, is back with us, so it’s a full house!

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