Happy new month! We’ve a bumper edition of the show for you this week, with a first hand view from the Summer Bash, as well as Salford’s amazing performance against St. Helens.


Some interesting results around the various divisions and forms of the sport, but how much were we able to see? 


Plus, guests galore, as we drag London Roosters and England’s Lewis King as well as Martin Coyd out of the Headingley hospitality to talk about the state of the Wheelchair game, and how the sport could capitalise on the excitement provided by the Lionesses (of which we are fully on the bandwagon.)


Then, we talk to Richard de la Riviere as he’s got a new book out (which you can buy at Philip Howard Books in Leeds, or here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/204037026976?hash=item2f818df4a0:g:Th0AAOSwCpxiz9Sr ) with plenty of great stories to tell in Rugby League: On This Day. That, as well as the state of the game, Maurice Lindsay, his next book project, and a lot more.


AND, as a bonus for you podders, reaction from the Bash games involving Barrow’s women and men with Jodie Litherland, Amanda Wilkinson and Paul Crarey, plus Whitehaven’s Jonty Gorely.

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