We’re back again in the off-season, and we’re here to talk news, take on the next week of our Rookie Take of the Year bracket and answer all of your questions.

This week;

  • Brandon Smith.
  • Brandon Smith?
  • Brandon Smith!
  • If you didn’t get that, lots of Brandon Smith.
  • Our thoughts on the November 1st signing period
  • The reaction to the Brandon Smith news
  • Other off season signing news
  • Rookie Take of the Year bracket continues
  • What is your all time favourite value for money meal deal?
  • Thoughts on if Cotric signs with the Tigers?
  • Favourite Christmas time treat/snack?
  • Did the Dolphins dodge a bullet by not signing a fouled mouthed, disrespectful cretin in Brandon Smith?
  • What would we incorporate in the NRL from other select sports?

And much, much more.

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