You’ve been asking for it, now you get it.

This week, Doyle and Bungard are joined by Josh Wye (@jwyeNFL) from the Punt Return Podcast (@PuntReturnPod) to bring you the first ever episode of NFL Boom Rookies.

As the NFL regular season winds down, play offs begin and the NRL off season rolls on, the boys are here to discuss all things NFL and your fan questions including;

  • Our thoughts on our respective team’s seasons (Packers, Ravens and Colts)
  • Getting angrier than necessary over tanking
  • Mitch and Josh eat humble pie about Josh Allen, served by one M Bungard
  • What is wrong with the Falcons?
  • Why are NFL players so dreadful tackling when they are running after a guy who has made a break up field?
  • Should the Washington Football Team just keep that name? If not, what should they be called?
  • Why tanking?

And much more!

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