Look at you, with nothing to do on Boxing Day thanks to Captain COVID locking you away from that party you usually go to (that you usually aren’t that keen on until you couldn’t leave the house for a party for like 8 fkn months), but not to fear, the fellas are here with another off-topic off-season holiday edition Boom Rookies Question Time podcast, including;

  • Is the four months of preseason training more about fitness or just a logical extension of employing full time professionals – ie. 12 months with a decent amount of annual leave?
  • Is the NFL doing the same as the NRL where there are a few very good teams and a lot of bad ones causing it to be more predictable than usual* or am I just very tired after a long year?
  • As Moylan has been the first to train 2021s house down, what other duds do you think will also create homelessness by training more houses down?
  • Where should the next expansion team be?
  • What’s the all time, greatest wrestling theme music?
  • Christmas Movie recommendations

And much more!

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