It’s time for another Question Time podcast.

In this episode, Mary K from Ladies who League and The Rookies answer your Patreon and Twitter fan questions, covering a wide array of topics including;

  • Which front line service has it tougher at the moment – nurses and doctors in Victoria or the Brisbane Broncos social media team? 
  • What’s your one thing that you hate most in rugby league, as unreasonable as that might be?
  • NRL reporter Katie Brown made her debut for Souths last week. In that vein, which nrl journo (who’s not an ex player) would you put in the game?
  • Is it too early for Big Tino for QLD hype?
  • Is the breakdown of the Lockyer Bennett relationship legit and if so is that one of the saddest stories ever seen in rugby league?

This, and covering much much more that you asked us, in this week’s Question Time Boom Rookies podcast.

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