It’s time for another Question Time podcast.

In this episode, Dave (@Mesut_Ausil) and The Rookies answer your Patreon and Twitter fan questions, covering a wide array of topics including;

  • When Luciano Leilua scored his try off the Milford kick, was there a split second where Mitch Doyle could see through time?
  • The Walker Brothers and the Warriors. How bad is that fit out of ten?
  • In the Rooster Broncos 59-0, how many players would have to drop off the Roosters side of the field before the Broncos managed to win?
  • What’s the point of it all as a Broncos fan?
  • Question for Dave. How do I get into the Hogwarts goal kicking course?

This, and covering much much more that you asked us, in this week’s Question Time Boom Rookies podcast.

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