It’s time for another Question Time podcast.

In this episode, Mitch, Dale and Matt continue their Question Time duties, as The Rookies answer your Patreon and Twitter fan questions, covering a wide array of topics including;

  • Are “footy players were better back in the 80s” people rugby league flat earthers?
  • What are some of the differences between sports media access in Aus & US/UK?
  • If we had personalised numbered jerseys, which NRL player would want to be “the guy” to get 23?
  • Does PED abuse explain why Bronson Xerri’s eyes are so close together?
  • With the NBA going to play the rest of their season at Disneyworld, what Aussie theme park or tourist park would best suit a Rugba League lockdown comp?

This, and covering much much more that you asked us, in this week’s Question Time Boom Rookies podcast.

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