This week’s episode of the 13 Pro-Am Community Rugby League show promises a deep dive into the heart of community rugby. Hosted by the seasoned duo of Dave Parkinson and Steve Beech, the show features a stellar lineup of guests who bring their unique insights and experiences to the table.
Martyn Ellis, the head coach of the England Community Lions Under 16s, is set to discuss the development of young talent and the future of English rugby league. Robbie Valentine, a standout player for Ince Rose Bridge, will share his on-field experiences and the team’s aspirations for the season.
The show will also spotlight Josh Mortimer from York Acorn, as he recounts their notable victory over West Hull and reflects on the team’s promising start to the season. Additionally, Sam Pennington will provide an analysis of Westhoughton Lions’ triumph against Wigan St Cuthberts in the North West Mens League, offering listeners a glimpse into the competitive spirit of the league. The pair also go through all the results from Cumbria, Barrow, Yorkshire Mens and Southern Conference

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