It’s time for another Question Time!

This week;

  • NRLW
  • Coal Train Cup winner Em Sprouster joins the show
  • #RookieTakes
  • Are people sleeping on the Cows & Sharks? I’ve heard “possible premier” buzz about basically every other top 8 team but them
  • NRL fans are obsessed with refs & player salaries. NBA fans are obsessed with the GOAT debate. What annoys you about these or other sport fans?
  • Who had the bigger self-inflicted implosion: The Brisbane Broncos or CM Punk?
  • Who’s taking the bigger L’s lately? The Brisbane Broncos or CM Punk?
  • What are some of your favourite speeches or monologues in movies?
  • What’s your favourite Disney movie soundtrack (2010 onwards), and your favourite all-time?

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