We’re back from our short holiday, and we’re here to talk news, start our Rookie Take of the Year bracket and answer all of your questions.

This week;

  • Off season movements so far, including Mitch Pearce and Marata Niukore
  • Rookie Take of the Year bracket begins
  • Who would win an NRL Squid Game?
  • What is your favourite rivalry in the NRL that doesn’t consist of either your teams?
  • What are your three favourite rivalries in all sports?
  • How could the Bulldogs have better spent 800k in the player market for 2023?
  • If Ole Gunnar Solskjær can manage one of the biggest sporting franchises on the planet for 3 years, do NRL fans (outside of Melb, Easts & Sths) have any hope to expect their clubs to well run on & off the field?
  • If you had control to reboot any sitcom/ comedy show for today’s market what would you choose?
  • Best and Worst TV show finales?

And much, much more.

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