As the Flight of the Concords once said… It’s Business Time.
Plenty of teams playing for their survival and this week the boys pay tribute to the great Mitch Aubusson who will play his 300th game and discuss other unsung legends of the game.
Woody had a big win last week with a Same Game Muti… so trots out the same formula for ALL 8 GAMES. Just one needs to win and he can buy a new washing machine.
Slugs is grinning from ear to ear as Woody squirms over his Titans bet so we Tick em to Pick em on the Titans v Cowboys… who knew? Slugs also factors the weather into 80% of his bets… the other 20% come from the heart.
Slugs lead the Mint Sauce 2-1 now, and Woody is controversial again this week in his attempt to score a free 3 Hat Meal.
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