Rugby League is gone. Social interaction is gone. Heaps is gone… for now. Podcasting however isn’t.
So the boys couldn’t stay away. This is weird. How do we negotiate this new version of the world. How do we find comfort if alone. What can we share if we don’t have footy… or the punt. We have each other. So thats what this one is about.
It doesn’t follow any structure. We touch on heaps. Plenty of NRL. Plenty of ideas moving forward… but then we drift into The Weather… Home Schooling… Parenting… Midweek Racing… Survivor… Netflix… mateship… Tinder.
We hope everyone is ok. We are here if you wanna chat or you want us to broach a topic. We’ll always stay NRL focused, but it’s about you guys and what can help at the moment.
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We are all in this together. Stay safe. Stay at home and ask a friend how they are. It’s so critical.
Love Woody & Slugs

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