Sporting Best Friends and Chasing Kangaroos join forces for the world’s first podcast double-header (well… we assume it’s a world first!). The double-header was produced by Paul Murchison. 
Podcast 1: Sporting Best Friends Stories with Michael Carbone
Michael is the host of Chasing Kangaroos focused on growing the game of rugby league. He is a brand ambassador for Red Star Belgrade, a member of the Golden Boot committee, the only man who has ever hosted an official IRL affiliated podcast, and the brains behind this double-header medley of a podcast episode.
Podcast 2: Chasing Kangaroos – #growthegame 2019 finale
Join Michael Carbone and Big T as they recap the top 6 #growthegame moments which have made the rugby league world a larger place in 2019. Episode 44 is brought to you Mascord Brownz. Listen in for your 10% discount code. Find Chasing Kangaroos on Facebook, Instagram, or follow Michael Carbone on Twitter.
Enjoy the show!

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