As International Rugby League prepares for its 2019 congress in Sydney, your host; Michael Carbone, is joined by a series of leaders and administrators from around the Rugby League world.

Global Operations Manager, Danny Kazandjian, shares some insight into congress and the RLIF rebrand. Middle East Africa Regional Director, Remond Safi, speaks about the successes and challenges of the recent MEA championship in Nigeria. We learn of the push to grow the domestic player pool in Wales from Walse Rugby League Chairman, Brian Juliff, and Lebanese RLF CEO, Nayef Abisaid, finally gets to share his side of story regarding conflict with their heritage NRL players.

This podcast is produced as a collaboration between International Rugby League – formerly the RLIF (Find and follow them; website, facebook, twitter and Instagram) and the Chasing Kangaroos Podcast (facebook, twitter and Instagram) . This episode is mixed and recorded by Paul Murchison.

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