The next Rugby League World Cup is set to be the “biggest and best” in history, and Jon Dutton, CEO of the RLWC2021, joins Michael to tell us everything we need to know in the lead up to the event.

What steps are being taken to ensure success? What is being done to market the event to new audiences? Were qualifiers considered for the women’s world cup? What was so attractive about the Brazilian women’s application? Will the emerging nations championship take place as part of the festival? And so much more!!! 

In our Golden Points segment; find out which team has become the first ever non English club to win the North East Men’s Championship, which central American nation is on the cusp of setting up their first domestic competition, plus news from Turkey, PNG, Italy, Malta, USA, Philippines, South Aftrica, Wales and of course The Championship, Super League and the NRL.

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