He’s the busiest man in Rugby League; Vice President of Canada Rugby League, Director of British Columbia Rugby League (with a side hustle as commentator for their YouTube Channel), and the CEO of the Vancouver Dragons. Somehow Joshua Knight finds the time to sit down with Michael for the most comprehensive discussion about Rugby League in Canada you will find anywhere.  ___ They talk British Colombia grand final, the impact of the Wolfpack, the ambitious ten year plan for growth, RL in schools, plans for the national team and so much more. This episode keeps getting better the deeper you dig.  — This weeks Golden Points includes news from the USA, the Atlanta Rhinos, women’s rugby league in New Zealand, the challenge cup, NRL, El Salvador, India Jungle Cats, the Emerging Nations Championship, Turkey, Malta, Ottawa, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria and Colombia! ___ Episode 32 of the podcast is brought to you by Matt Haines Sport and Mascord Brownz, you can find out more about Bristish Columbia RL here. ___ your feedback is welcome on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Enjoy the show!

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